101 ways to start a conversation with God

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26 Jun 2020
Sometimes, it’s helpful to have some ideas of things to help you start chatting and catching with God, so here are 101 for you.

As usual this free resource is for you to use however works for your family or church -  use what's helpful and ignore anything that's not. 

Here are a few ideas for ways to start using it:

  • pick an idea at random to try as you eat breakfast
  • stick an idea on your kid's mirror
  • let them choose an idea to do in the car
  • leave the sheet on your child's pillow to spark ideas as they chat to God at bedtime.2.jpg

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If you'd like to know more about helping your child have a two-way conversation with God, check out our Key Tool page or sessions four and five of the Parenting for Faith course

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