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All of the videos from United Breaks Out are still available on New Wine's YouTube channel. There is loads on offer including teaching, worship and prayer ministry for all ages and abilities. 

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We used our monthly Bedtime Drink event for parents and carers to share some age-specific ideas on how to get the most from an online festival. This is also relevant for other festivals and holiday clubs. Catch up using the link below.



Campfire conversations

For us, a Christian event or festival is about so much more than the teaching and worship.

One of the things we most value is the opportunity to share stories. As others create windows into their life with God it enables our faith, and our children's and teens' faith, to grow. 

So, we've created some resources to stir that from home. There are printable versions and social media shareables too.

Story bingo                               Story scavenger hunt

Story bingo shareables            Story scavenger hunt shareables

Here's a some info on how to get the most out of them.

Use them however is helpful to your household and get chatting to people about their stories whether that's in a park, garden, Zoom room or call. They needn't be specifically linked to the United Breaks Out event so feel free to adapt and use them in your church community over the summer.



Rachel Turner, deliveres seminars in the parenting and families stream at 1.30pm each day. Click the buttons below each one to get some notes and watch them back.

Parenting for faith in a post-pandemic world

In this session, Rachel will explore how we can help our kids to meet and know God in this season and transition, by:

  • Maintaining an emotional connection with them. 
  • Creating windows into your transition. 
  • Facilitating their God-connection.
  • Helping them find their purpose.
  • Finding your next steps.

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Managing failure and disappointment with kids and teens

In this session, Rachel explores how to help kids and teens handle failure. She’ll cover, how to:

  • change the way they perceive failure
  • value their effort and progress
  • celebrate character
  • encourage experimentation
  • help them clean up and
  • use examples of your failures

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Helping kids and teens find purpose in this next season

Without purpose our children can feel hopeless and helpless. Rachel unpacks how to create a language for talking about purpose and share your own experiences. Then she'll explore, how to affirm their power and ask good questions to help them think about their God-given purpose. 

There will also be two bonus seminars that will be made available after the event:

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Parenting as a church leader at this time of change (released later)

Parenting as a church leader is a unique calling. Covid-19 brought unprecedented stresses to our ministries, and our kids lived through it with us. Moving into post-pandemic ministry, there’s more change. In this seminar, Rachel will suggest tools to coach kids through this season, so they don’t just survive but thrive.  

Families break out: growing kids' passion for mission and evangelism  (released later)

In this seminar, Rachel talks about how to inspire families to be passionate about evangelism.

She covers:

  • Exposing them to the fruit of mission and evangelism
  • Defining what mission and evangelism really means
  • Building on their passions 
  • Surfing the waves of their interest for as long as they last

Live Q&A

Rachel Turner and Rick Otto ran a live Q&A session from the Parenting for Faith Facebook page on Saturday 1 August at 4pm. You can watch back and see the questions they answered below.

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Oh no! It's all over

Well not quite! New Wine are going to be releasing some bonus seminars so make sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel to access those over the coming weeks and months. On our heading home page, you'll also find some resources and ideas for what to do next after this is all over!


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