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Join us at New Wine's online event from 30 July - 3 August. There is loads on offer including teaching, worship and prayer ministry for all ages and abilities. 

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Facebook live

Get your head in the game by joining us for one of our bedtime drinks events for parents and carers. This month we're meeting on Monday 13 July and looking at how we engage with an online festival. Just head to the Parenting for Faith Facebook page at 8pm, 8.30pm or 9pm (depending on the age of your child). The sessions will also be available to watch afterwards if you can't attend live.


Campfire conversations

For us, a Christian event or festival is about so much more than the teaching and worship. One of the things we most value is the opportunity to share stories. As others create windows into their life with God it enables our faith, and our children's and teens' faith to grow. 

So, we've created a resource to stir that from home. It's a sort of story scavenger hunt linked to the site map and will be available very shortly. Use it however is helpful to your household and get chatting to people about their stories whether that's in a park, garden, Zoom room or call.


Rachel Turner, will be delivering the seminars in the parenting and families stream at 1.30pm each day.

Once they have been shown, click on any seminar title for notes and next steps.

  • Fri 31 July: Parenting for faith in a post-pandemic world
  • Sat 1 August: Managing failure and disappointment with kids and teens
  • Sun 1 August: Helping kids and teens find purpose in this next season

There will also be two bonus seminars that will be made available after the event:

  • Parenting as a church leader at this time of change
  • Families break out: growing kids' passion for mission and evangelism

Live Q&A

Rachel Turner and Rick Otto will be running a live Q&A session from the Parenting for Faith Facebook page on Saturday 1 August at 4pm. They'll be exploring how to continue the momentum from what kids and families have been doing at New Wine and answering all your questions about how to take those next steps.

Resources area

You should be able to find all our books in the online resource area.

We love talking to you on the stand so will offer slots at 2pm and 9pm on Sunday 2nd August, where you can pop in to a virtual meeting room to say hi, ask any questions you have and chat all things Parenting for Faith. 

Grab an invite to the these meeting rooms by joining either our group for parents and carers or for children's, youth and family leaders or our mailing list.

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Get more of a flavour of what to expect by watching the launch video. See you there!


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