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We have courses running up and down the country (and across the world) and we love it when people open their courses up and invite anyone in the local area to join them.

You can check if there is a course coming up near you below. Most courses are weekly, so we have noted if they meet at different intervals.

Many of the courses below are running online at the moment, so you could join from anywhere! 

If you can't find a course to suit you, why not start one or contact your local church and see if they might run one. Remember to let us know if you're happy for us to share it here. 


St Peter's Aylesham, Kent (fortnightly)

Course start date: Tuesday 19 October
Contact: Heather Ratcliffe
Website: St Peter's Aylesham

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King's Church, Edinburgh

Course start date: Monday 25th October
Contact: Rachel Fleming
Website: King's Church Edinburgh

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Cornerstone City Church, Medway

Course start date: Tuesday 26th October
Contact: Susie Voke
Website: Cornerstone City Church

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Restore Community Church, Enfield 

Course start date: Monday 15th November
Contact: Hayley Harding
Website: Restore Community Church

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Crossroads Presbyterian Church, Mequon, Wisconsin

Course start date: Tuesday 30th November 
Contact: Linda Schmale
Website: Crossroads Presbyterian Church

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If you are running a course or planning to and would be happy for others to join, please register it. You can choose whether or not to share it on this page, but we'd love to pray for and offer extra session support for every course.

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You can use this form to contact any of the courses listed above. We'll also send you a copy of the information you submitted by email.

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