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We have courses running up and down the country (and across the world) and we love it when people open their courses up and invite anyone in the local area to join them.

You can check if there is a course coming up near you below. Many are running online at the moment, so you could join from anywhere! We have a simple guide to doing this here.

If not, why not start one or contact your local church and see if they might run one. Remember to let us know if you're happy for us to share it here. 


Jubilee Community Church, East Grinstead

Course start date: Tuesday 8th September
Contact: Matt Hoyes
Websites: Jubilee Community Church

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St Mary's Thame and Barley Hill Church

Course start date: Friday 11th September
Contact: Sian Stratton
Websites: St Mary's Thame and Barley Hill Church

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Stockton Baptist Church

Course start date: Tuesday 15th September
Contact: Lydia Gurney
Website: Stockton Baptist Church

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St Paul's Tervuren, Belgium

Course start date: Tuesday 15th September
Contact: Nathan Gregory
Website: St Paul's Verturen

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Locking Castle Church

Course start date: Thursday 17th September
Contact: Cathy Bond
Website: Locking Castle Church

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Cardiff Vineyard

Course start date: Wednesday 30th September
Contact: Marion Pinkney
Website: Cardiff Vineyard

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St Stephen's Canley, Coventry

Course start date: Thursday 1st October
Contact: Sarah Ashelby
Website: St Stephen's Canley

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All Saints, Worcester

Course start date: Monday 5th October or Tuesday 6th October
Contact: Tia Wood
Website: All Saints Worcester

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Skylark International 

Course start date: Monday 5th October 
Contact: Lizi Long
Website: Skylark International 

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If you are running a course or planning to and would be happy for others to join, please register it. You can choose whether or not to share it on this page, but we'd love to pray for and offer extra session support for every course.

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You can use this form to contact any of the courses listed above. We'll also send you a copy of the information you submitted by email.

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