Heading Home

Congratulations, you've survived!

Sometimes festivals and events are just exhausting! But you did it.

You probably stuffed your car full of luggage and endured the road trip and camping for many reasons: to bond with your church, to enjoy your family, and to be encouraged and grow in your own faith. Or perhaps you sent your teen off for a few days without you and awaited the infrequent texts to let you know they were still alive.

Our hope is not only that our children and teens will have a wonderful time, but that they will meet with God and grow in their individual knowledge and experience of him. And many of them do, either in very obvious or more subtle ways.

As we head home and begin dealing with the mounds of washing, we can begin to wonder about the bump back to reality. How do we keep the momentum of what our children have gained throughout this week? How do we help them transition back into normal life without losing all they have gained?

We wanted to offer you some free resources to help you as you figure out what this looks like in your family back in the normal, everyday bits of life.

Our gifts to you...

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A bonus podcast episode

This bonus podcast episode gets practical about the days and weeks after a Christian camp or event and will give you ideas for how to build on what happened there.

If you like it, why not subscribe to our weekly podcast for parents and carers. If you prefer to read rather than listen, head here.

Key Tools

Five Key Tools

So often, we want to help our child or teen connect with God but we're not sure how to do it. These tools will equip you with things to try to figure out what that might look like in your family.

Each tool has a one minute video with an example, ideas of how to use it and answers to common questions. If you want to learn more about these, you can also watch the Parenting for Faith course videos or check out Rachel Turner's books.

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An invitation to our next online event

We know it can be tricky to get out to training events, so we come to you by providing free, online events. 

On the teenth Monday of every month, we offer age specific input to help you carry on growing faith at home. We would love you to join us on Monday 15 September as we explore how to help your child or teen find a place to serve.

If you're busy that night, you can catch up via our Facebook page. You'll also find previous episodes on sleep struggles, beauty and manliness and transitions there.