Covid-19: five ways to help kids meet and know God in a pandemic

5 Jan 2020
If you're a parent or a carer with children at home it can be easy to feel overwhelmed with all that is being put on you at the moment. And your kids' faith may feel like just one more thing you're responsible for.

We’re working, home-schooling, peace-keeping, entertaining and so much more, all the time trying to hold on to our sanity. How do we add faith into the mix?

The good news is that faith isn’t one more activity to do.  It’s not one more thing you need to cram in.  Helping your kids know and love God is light and easy and doesn’t require any more time than you already have. They’ve got God and they’ve got you. And together you can help them meet and know God in real and significant ways in this season of covid-19.

Here are five easy ways to help your kid on their journey with God:  

Create windows into your life with God  

When we see something, we learn. We are able to try it for ourselves and work out what we want to do. Your kids are home with you all the time, so this is the perfect opportunity to let them see a little of your authentic life with God.  Kids don’t need a perfect performance of Christianity.  What they need is to see what life with God looks like when you are struggling, joyful, bored, unsure, scared and hopeful.  Play your worship music out loud rather than in your headphones, pray about your worries in front of them. Whatever you do inside your head with God, let them see what it looks like for you. To find out more about creating windows, see here.

Frame where God is in all this 

Kids don’t automatically know how to spot what God is doing and they may find it hard to see him in a pandemic.  From understanding where God is when people are sick, to how God brings you peace, or why you miss church, your kids need to know how to see and understand the world with God in it.  As you watch TV or cook or clap for the NHS, talk about what you can see God doing, share stories and answer questions together. To find out more about framing, see here.

Unwind their misconceptions about God 

Our view of who God is and how he behaves is formed by our life experiences as well as by scripture. In this weird time we are in, kids may be wondering about what sort of a person God is to let a pandemic happen, or wondering what the God who loves them has to do with people dying. This season of Covid-19 is a unique season that gives us huge opportunities to journey alongside our children as we all learn to see God better. You are right there to notice and wonder together with your kids about who God is and what he is like. For more about unwinding wrong views of God, see here.   

Help your children connect to God for themselves   

For children to grow in their faith they need to find their own pattern of being with God, and prayer is at the heart of that. Whatever your tradition of prayer, children need to know that they can authentically share all their feelings and thoughts with God, and learn how God communicates back.  In this season, our children will be feeling a wide range of emotions and we can encourage them that they can say anything to God, in whatever way they want to, without us as parents needing to hear it.  We can create space for our children to chat to God in whatever way works best for them, and encourage them on the journey of discovering how God chats back.   For more about this, see here.

Surf the waves of your child’s spiritual interests  

Because we now have such a lot of time with our children, it’s a great chance to spot what they are curious about spiritually. Be bold to jump on that wave of curiosity and ride it out!  Is your child questioning you about facts and truth about the Bible?  Jump on and help them find the answers together.  Love worship? Give them extra screen time to watch Christian music videos!  Worried about sick people and the vulnerable? Talk about how God is active in the world, encourage them to ask God what he wants your child to do to help, and facilitate that happening.  Waves are happening, and we have the chance to see it, jump on board and help them discover the passions and interests God is growing in them. For more about surfing these waves, see here.


Whether your journey of this Covid-19 season is filled with stress, boredom, joy or grief, your children can meet with God in it. And you, as parents and carers, are the most spiritually influential people in your children’s lives, and can help them grow each day to meet, know and love God and know his love, peace and joy in return. 

We are here to help you be you … if you want to go deeper we have: 

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