Holidays: trapped in a tin can

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6 Aug 2017
Summer holidays are all about playing with our kids in confined spaces. Perhaps we're stuck in the car, on a train or on a plane. In this video, Rachel shares how you might use travelling as a time to add games in.


Here are some questions to get you started:

~ Who would you rather be and why: Moses or Peter? Mary or Deborah? Elijah or John the Baptist?

~ If you could be there to actually see with your eyes one thing in the Bible, what would it be?

~ Did Jesus make mistakes, like spilling his milk? Why or why not?

~ If you could change one thing about church what would it be?

~ What is the most difficult thing that Jesus had to do, except dying on the cross?

~ Would you rather see 10 people healed/brought back from the dead OR see the red sea part and why? How did to go? What were your experiences? Let us know.

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