Prayer Ministry for Children - Leader's Training for Churches \\ Part 3: Establishing Chat and Catch in kids groups

5 Sep 2017
This session covers how to grow a culture of conversational prayer within children's programmes so that each child can be equipped to meet with God in everyday life, as well as when they need help to connect with God through prayer ministry.

So many times in our children's ministry, prayer becomes a thing we do as part of the programme. What if children accessing God became a central thread that ran through our programmes, rather than an add-on? What if we learned to empower children connecting with God on their own, rather than just learning how to pray when they are at church? This session explores how we can create a culture of conversational prayer within our children's programmes on a Sunday or midweek.

This video is the third in a three part series of training videos on doing prayer ministry for children.

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