Parenting Children for a Life of Faith – Omnibus Edition

11 Oct 2018
This book provides inspiration and wisdom for nurturing children into the reality of God's presence and love, equipping them to access him themselves and encouraging them to grow in a two-way relationship with him that will last a lifetime.

Written by Rachel Turner, Parenting Children for a Life of Faith – Omnibus Edition collects the previous titles Parenting Children for a Life of Faith, Parenting Children for a Life of Purpose, and Parenting Children for a Life of Confidence into one volume, with updated chapters and examples.

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Most Christian parents long for their children to enjoy a deeper relationship with God – a relationship that is real and relevant to every aspect of their lives. We long to give our children strong spiritual foundations, which can equip them to become mature Christian adults. Sadly, we all know children who have grown up in loving families and great churches, but have never connected with God on a personal level.

Rachel’s analysis of the problem is inspired: by highlighting the difference between 'God-smart' and ‘God-connected’ children, she points to the heart of the issue – and to some steps parents can take to make a difference. By using real stories, she helps bring theory to life, showing us how to help our children hold on to biblical truth, while experiencing a growing relationship with God.

Catherine Butcher, Former Editor, Families First magazine

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ISBN: 9780857466945
Published: October 2018
Publisher: The Bible Reading Fellowship
Pages: 288

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