Parenting Children for a Life of Purpose - the book

4 Jul 2017
A practical and tested handbook exploring the possibilities for helping children to discover their specific gifts for what God is calling them to be.

'Too long we have stood apart as a church and looked at children and teens and said, "We love you, we value you, but we don't need you."'

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Our churches have the power to establish a community of purpose that all people participate in. We can be the place where children feel most powerful, most seen, most discipled and most released. We can be the church that God designed. The book addresses how parents might partner with churches to enable children to discover their true identity and purpose in life and walk alongside them on the journey.

Written by Rachel Turner and published by BRF, this book addresses issues of identity, relationship, purpose, power, love, calling and response. Each chapter includes true stories and questions to help us to reflect on our own experiences.

From the book

This book isn’t '354 Things to Add to Your Week to Raise Purposeful Children', because to be honest I can’t cram anything else into my life, and I assume you are the same. This book is about allowing our children their spiritual birthright to be purposeful and powerful. It is about training our eyes to see beyond what we hope and want for them, in order to see who God is shaping them to be now and what he is calling them to do here. It is about easily and lightly coaching our children to live ‘heart-connected’ with the Lord and to walk in their purpose every day to affect their home, community, church and nation.

This book is my offering to you, to encourage you and equip you to raise your children to be who God has made them to be, so that they can walk in close relationship with God, doing all God has for them to do today, tomorrow, the next day and for all eternity.

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ISBN: 9780857461636
Published: 2014
Publisher: The Bible Reading Fellowship
Pages: 144

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