What we offer

We want to encourage and equip parents and carers, church leaders, children’s and youth workers, and all those involved in discipling children, through an ever-growing library of videos, articles and other resources.

Our approach

We believe that you are the most qualified person to raise your child in the faith. God has placed you in your child’s life and you are perfectly positioned to parent your kid for faith.

Godly Play

8 Jun 2017
What does doing Godly Play at home look like? Victoria shares one way she uses it at home with her kids to tell the creation story.

Open Ended Resources

8 Jun 2017
Are you looking for creative ways to explore Bible stories together as a family? Victoria Beech shares how she uses open ended response materials to explore a Bible story with her children.

The adventure of church on holiday

12 Jun 2017
When you’re on holiday with your kids, do you go to a local church on a Sunday, or do you tend to take a break? When we go on holiday, there is an intriguing opportunity to go rogue that will be a powerful experience for your children.