Introducing the five Key Tools


Every family and situation is different. These five Key Tools will get you started, finding the best way for you to parent for faith in your family.

Creating Windows

This tool builds on the way God has designed our brains to learn best – by watching and trying things for ourselves. Allow kids glimpses of what your relationship with God looks like, so they can learn how to have a real two-way connection with him themselves.


Framing is all about explaining – what God is doing, why things happen, who he is. Show kids how God works in all of life, show them how to explore the Bible well and work through any question they might have.


This is an important tool for helping kids to grow a balanced and healthy view of God. It can be easy to slip into a lopsided view, and this tool helps to gently unwind misconceptions, building in a broad and balanced understanding of who God is.

Chat and Catch

This tool encourages children in prayer and hearing God’s voice – chatting to him about everything that is on their hearts and catching his response, however he chooses to speak. Help children to connect directly with God at any time, in all circumstances, wherever they are.

Surfing the Waves

This tool helps us spot what God is doing in a child’s life. All children are different, and God’s purposes for them are different. Learn to identify their ‘waves’ and support them as interests and passions come and go.

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Five easy tools for ordinary parents to raise God-connected kids

Header image by Pawel Kadysz, under Creative Commons CC0 licence