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As our children grow and change we discover new seasons of parenting for faith. The principles remain the same, but how they work out in practice may look different. Here you'll find articles and videos focussing on specific age groups, as well as what family life is like when you are parenting alone. If you are facing a particularly tough season, our change and challenge topics may be helpful.

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Life with God and under 5s

5 Jul 2017
In the first five years of life, our children are learning what reality is like and how the world works. We have the opportunity, in the laziest possible way, to enable our kids to live in the presence of God.

Connecting with God while being poked in the eye

21 Jun 2017
Parenting small children can be overwhelming and shifts how we personally connect with God. But it is possible to flourish spiritually and be a parent of under fives - even on two hours of sleep and covered in someone else's body juices.

Image by Tiffany Good from Pixabay