Bad day

Parenting is messy and challenging. How do we live authentically and share our faith with our kids even on the bad days? Hear parents open up about what they've learned when things have been hard.

Sharing faith on a bad day

11 Jul 2017
Lisa uses the tool of creating windows to share her faith with her kids whether she's having a good day or bad day and lets them see what her faith is in the everyday moments.

Creating windows for toddlers

2 Jul 2017
Elle shares how she creates windows into her life for her toddler in the mess of emotions and God-connection that every day brings.

Baby life is hard

29 Jun 2017
How do we live authentically when life with a baby is hard? Elle tells about her difficult journey of parenting a newborn and how she coped with the pressure to say that everything is brilliant to her church family - when it wasn't.

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