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A whole range of ideas, stories and resources for children’s, youth and family leaders as they seek to support families and encourage a culture of parenting for faith in their ministries, as well as fostering God-connection in the children and young people they work with.

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For more about running the free Parenting for Faith course, equipping parents and carers to parent for faith and supporting families facing challenging times, see our equipping and supporting families topic, which also has specific information on working with families who come to you for infant baptism or dedication.

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Helping under 5s grow a balanced view of God

2 Jul 2021
Under 5s children are learning how the world works, and that can sometimes mean they make spiritual connections between things that aren't quite right. Here is one language tool to help our children grow a balanced view of God.

The five key tools and schools work

9 Apr 2021
Many of us who are employed by or volunteer in churches working alongside children, youth and families also get invited into schools to present assemblies, run clubs or participate in RE lessons.

Photo by Leo Rivas on Unsplash