Equipping and supporting families

God has placed churches around families to support, encourage and equip them. Here you’ll find articles which will introduce you to our Parenting for Faith course as well as thinking through how to envision and equip your families to parent for faith, including those who come to your church for infant baptism or dedication.

We also have articles and resources to help you support families through the tricky stuff, from illness and death to transitions, mental health and more.

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So excited about our course!

9 Jan 2020
Marcus shares his excitement about what God might do in his church’s upcoming Parenting for Faith course and reflects on why it’s such an important, life-long resource for parents.

Giving parents next steps at the door

18 Dec 2019
Anna shares some ideas for how to give parents next steps when they collect their children at the end of a session. She explores both what you communicate to them and how you do it.

Stories: our secret weapon

5 Dec 2019
We sometimes overlook the power of stories. Becky shares how big and little stories of God have given her vision and shaped her and her faith journey.

Image by Esther Merbt from Pixabay