The everyday

Thoughts, reflections and questions about the everyday experience of Parenting for Faith. These videos are a great way to discover new ideas and learn from other parents' approaches to daily life. You can find some more personal accounts of Christian parenting in the 'Your stories' topic.

Modelling for a toddler

9 Oct 2017
Anna shares how verbalising when she's praying has helped her to create windows for her toddler to see her faith and give her opportunities to invite her toddler to join in

Holidays: trapped in a tin can

6 Aug 2017
Summer holidays are all about playing with our kids in confined spaces. Perhaps we're stuck in the car, on a train or on a plane. In this video, Rachel shares how you might use travelling as a time to add games in.

Get your eyes up

28 Jul 2017
Surviving the everyday is a triumph, and for most of us it feels like it is all we can do. But God wants more for us as parents. He wants to give us joy in it, to see something wonderful.

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