Giving parents skills

Part of the way we equip parents and carers to parent for faith is by giving them skills and sharing the five Key Tools with them. Here you will find articles to help you think through how you can do that well.

The Dentist vs IKEA

17 Dec 2020
How can we help the parents in our ministries feel understood and equipped rather than worried that they'll be judged?

Giving parents next steps at the door

18 Dec 2019
Anna shares some ideas for how to give parents next steps when they collect their children at the end of a session. She explores both what you communicate to them and how you do it.

Framing without shaming

3 Dec 2019
How can we help parents help their kids to engage well with the service? How can we lead from the front so that parents and carers feel empowered rather than bossed about?

Image by Axe Spencer from Pixabay