Suddenly we're with our kids all of the time... what do we do as parents during the holidays? Stories, tools and tips from parents about how they've engaged their kids in a life of faith during holidays - and how they've managed to stay sane! For more personal accounts on other topics, check posts in 'Your stories'.

Summer Sundays

17 May 2019
Most churches do something different over the summer holidays. Whether it’s no kids’ groups, modified kids’ groups, all in the main service or a month of all age – or something different – planning summer Sundays is a kids’ leader’s headache.

Holidays: trapped in a tin can

6 Aug 2017
Summer holidays are all about playing with our kids in confined spaces. Perhaps we're stuck in the car, on a train or on a plane. In this video, Rachel shares how you might use travelling as a time to add games in.

The adventure of church on holiday

12 Jun 2017
When you’re on holiday with your kids, do you go to a local church on a Sunday, or do you tend to take a break? When we go on holiday, there is an intriguing opportunity to go rogue that will be a powerful experience for your children.

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