How to talk about ...

Every now and then there are things we need to talk to our kids about but maybe don't quite know how to get started? Here we have some ideas for those moments. You will also find a lot of helpful resources in our change and challenge topics, covering all sorts of things such as grief, mental health or relationships.


Curious questions

29 Jun 2020
Sometimes it’s just hard to get to the bottom of what your kid is feeling. Maybe they know but are unwilling to share it with you, or maybe they are caught up in a mass of emotions and can’t identify exactly what’s wrong.

Faith and coronavirus: Facebook live

17 Mar 2020
In one of our Facebook Lives for parents and carers, Rachel Turner shared some helpful steps for us as we coach our kids through this pandemic spiritually and emotionally and start to answer the questions they have.

Photo by Wonderlane on Unsplash