Illness comes in many shapes and forms, and can be devastating for families and churches. Hear from those who have experienced illness themselves or within their family, or from those who have helped others through periods of illness from a perspective of faith.

Book recommendations: Victoria Beech

19 Jun 2017
Illness in children is a difficult thing to approach spiritually. If you are looking for books about childhood serious illness, hospital or terminal diagnosis, then have a look at Victoria Beech's series of books.

Grateful for cancer

12 Jun 2017
Big things happen in our lives - miscarriages, cancer, job loss. How we talk about them with our kids can significantly encourage our children spiritually.

Cancer day 2: telling the kid

20 Apr 2017
Telling our children when big moments arise is difficult, and there is no right way of doing it. This is the story of how Rachel told her child that she had cancer.

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