Parenting as a church leader

Parenting when you are also a church leader can bring up some unique situations and challenges! But there are practical things we can do to enable our families to flourish in the goldfish bowl of church life. This is a section that we are currently developing so do check back for updates.

You can book a Parenting as Church Leader day or join the online watch party to explore the same content. The next watch party starts on 27 April and runs on four Monday nights, starting at 8pm. We also have the option of doing it as a training day on 19 June from 9.30am - 2.30pm.

Wearing two hats

27 Jun 2019
Many parents in church serve in the kids’ groups, and when your child is part of the group, it can be difficult. So how can we wear both our leader and our parent hat well?

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