Prayer is at the heart of our relationship with God, and can take many forms: personal and private, corporate, intercession, thanksgiving ... and the list goes on! In Parenting for Faith we encourage parents and carers to introduce prayer to their children as 'chat and catch'  (one of our five key tools) which is best described as an informal, one to one conversation with God, and if you'd like to know more about that, we have a much fuller introduction here. In this section you'll find a whole range of articles on prayer, to help you explore how you and your family connect best with God as you pray.

When catch is hard

8 May 2019
It’s not uncommon for children and young people (and adults too!) to find that they struggle to catch from God. These are some ideas that might help.

Modelling for a toddler

9 Oct 2017
Anna shares how verbalising when she's praying has helped her to create windows for her toddler to see her faith and give her opportunities to invite her toddler to join in

Girl lying down © Cheryl Holt licensed under CC0 / Cropped & Scaled