Primary age

Stories and ideas about parenting children of primary age for faith, including issues around friendship and school.

Choosing a secondary school

6 Feb 2020
Deciding which secondary school your child will go to is a really big deal. And often our children have strong views too! So how can we make the best decision when we don't agree?

Navigating friendship drama: Facebook Live

8 Jan 2020
Very often we find ourselves dealing with a friendship drama: someone’s hurt our child, they’ve fallen out with their best friend, they’re being manipulated ... and it can feel hard to know how to help them.

Sleep struggles: Facebook live

8 Jul 2019
Whether our kid is newborn or a teenager, we often find ourselves helping them with their sleep struggles. In her first Facebook Live for parents, Rachel talked about how we can spiritually parent as we deal with the ups and downs of kids and sleep.

Image by Ron Porter from Pixabay