Relationships are at the core of society, and right at the centre of Parenting for Faith. Our connection with God defines our faith, and our connection to others defines how we relate to them and feel towards them. Hear stories and discussions about how to build God-centred relationships of every kind, and how to encourage good relationship-building within your family or those you work with.

Bible dads and the five key tools

7 Jun 2019
Parenting for faith isn’t a new thing. People have been parenting for faith since – well, the beginning of faith – and that includes many parents we read about in the Bible.

Play with me

20 Jun 2017
Our children long to play with us, but we often don't have the time to do it as much as they want. How can we communicate to our children God's heart to be with us in a way that doesn't mean hours and hours and hours of time playing?

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