Responding to Coronavirus

We've been catapulted into extraordinary times as Covid-19 impacts us in ways we couldn't have imagined just a few weeks ago. We're all trying to figure out what it means for us as we parent for faith, lead churches and ministries and care for ourselves and our families.

Here at Parenting for Faith, we want to help equip you and answer some of the questions that we're getting in these unusual times and will post articles here that we hope and pray will support you well as we journey through this together.

You can also find out how to run a Parenting for Faith course online or encourage individuals to view the course sessions at home on their own or with their partner.

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Lockdown Q & A: Facebook Live

22 Apr 2020
In a recent Bedtime Drinks with Rachel, we asked you to send in questions you have about kids, family, faith and surviving lockdown! Here are the answers Rachel gave.