Worship is our life of thanks and praise as part of God's family, and is wonderfully expressed in song and music. Children often engage with God-connected music at an early age, and there is a huge opportunity to encourage their faith through this medium as they continue to grow, and their music tastes change. Hear from worship leaders, families and church workers about how worship plays a huge part in their life, and discover ways that worship can strengthen your children's faith. Check the 'Church' topic for more content about integrating Parenting for Faith across the life of the church, including its approach to worship.

Worship from the heart

13 Aug 2019
Kay Morgan Gurr has spent 25 years working with children with additional needs; here she shares two stories about how she saw two particular children worshipping God from their heart.

Teens and worship

27 Jul 2017
Ruth shares her experience of exploring worship with her teenage children and how she saw that impact their lives with God.

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