Types of training we offer

The Parenting for Faith team are available to lead different kinds of events.

Day events (normally 10.00 am to 3.00 pm)

Parenting for Church Leaders

Audience: Anyone in a leadership role within a church who is a parent
Content: Equipping church leaders in four key things that their children need

Parenting for Faith day

Audience: Parents of all ages, childrens/youth leaders and church leaders
Content: Introduction to Parenting for Faith (including positioning for influence, chat and catch or, positioning for influence, verbal framing and chat and catch summary)

Multi-generational day

Audience: All-ages, parents and children, childrens/youth leaders and church leaders
Content: All-age keynote and three seminar options

Parenting for Purpose Day

Details to follow

Parenting for Confidence Day

Details to follow

It Takes a Church to Raise a Parent Day

Details to follow


The following seminars are available as a one-off seminar or as part of another event. All seminars are an hour long (unless otherwise stated).

For parents

  • Positioning for influence
  • Verbal Framing
  • Helping kids connect with church
  • Unwinding wrong views of God (Child theology)
  • Conversational Prayer (1 hour 30 mins)
  • Prayer ministry for children
  • Church Leaders
  • Comfort in the Darkness - helping children who are afraid of the dark
  • Parenting for Faith for teens
  • Parenting for Faith for under 5s
  • Parenting for Faith for Year 6s
  • Parenting for Faith in partnership with RE
  • Grandparenting for Faith
  • Parenting for Faith for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities
  • Telling the whole story of the Bible - helping children to engage with scripture
  • Parenting for Faith in the area of fostering/adoption
  • Panel (please be aware there may be an additional cost for bringing in more speakers)

For churches

  • How to be a culture that allows Parenting for Faith to Flourish
  • Releasing kids in leadership in your church
  • Gender wars - how do we address gender within our church
  • Worship for Everyone - how to create multigenerational talks
  • Telling the whole story of the Bible - helping families to engage with scripture
  • Influencing church culture as a children’s, families or youth pastor when you feel restricted
  • Creating a culture of Parenting for Faith from the front (for church leaders)
  • Parenting a church - applying Parenting for Faith values to your whole church
  • Running a Parenting for Faith course
  • Applying Parenting for Faith principles in schools’ work and children’s and youth ministry