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The Parenting for Faith team are available to lead different kinds of events.

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Day events (normally 10.00 am to 3.00 pm)

Parenting for Church Leaders

Audience: Anyone in a leadership role within a church who is a parent
Content: Equipping church leaders in four key things that their children need

Parenting for Faith day

Audience: Parents of all ages, childrens/youth leaders and church leaders
Content: Introduction to Parenting for Faith (including positioning for influence, chat and catch or, positioning for influence, verbal framing and chat and catch summary)

Multi-generational day

Audience: All-ages, parents and children, childrens/youth leaders and church leaders
Content: All-age keynote and three seminar options

Parenting for Purpose Day

Details to follow

Parenting for Confidence Day

Details to follow

It Takes a Church to Raise a Parent Day

Details to follow


The following seminars are available as a one-off seminar or as part of another event. All seminars are an hour long (unless otherwise stated).

For parents

  • Positioning for influence
  • Verbal Framing
  • Helping kids connect with church
  • Unwinding wrong views of God (Child theology)
  • Conversational Prayer (1 hour 30 mins)
  • Prayer ministry for children
  • Church Leaders
  • Comfort in the Darkness - helping children who are afraid of the dark
  • Parenting for Faith for teens
  • Parenting for Faith for under 5s
  • Parenting for Faith for Year 6s
  • Parenting for Faith in partnership with RE
  • Grandparenting for Faith
  • Parenting for Faith for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities
  • Telling the whole story of the Bible - helping children to engage with scripture
  • Parenting for Faith in the area of fostering/adoption
  • Panel (please be aware there may be an additional cost for bringing in more speakers)

For churches

  • How to be a culture that allows Parenting for Faith to Flourish
  • Releasing kids in leadership in your church
  • Gender wars - how do we address gender within our church
  • Worship for Everyone - how to create multigenerational talks
  • Telling the whole story of the Bible - helping families to engage with scripture
  • Influencing church culture as a children’s, families or youth pastor when you feel restricted
  • Creating a culture of Parenting for Faith from the front (for church leaders)
  • Parenting a church - applying Parenting for Faith values to your whole church
  • Running a Parenting for Faith course
  • Applying Parenting for Faith principles in schools’ work and children’s and youth ministry