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We host day and residential events, as well as running free online events so everyone can attend. We also speak at other events and conferences, see if we are coming to a town near you.

BRF Events

Bookable via the BRF website.

The Forge Gathering

The Forge Gathering is an annual residential retreat for children's, youth and families workers (both paid and voluntary) hosted by Rachel Turner and the Parenting for Faith team. Our next events are:

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The Qualification

The new Certificate in Parenting for Faith course will take place at Cliff College from 1 - 5 June 2020.  Designed to stretch, inform and inspire those working in a professional or voluntary capacity with children, young people and families in churches, this course will equip you to successfully support parents and carers as they disciple their children and explore what parenting for faith might look like in your church and community. 

Cost is £435 which covers all teaching materials, tutorial support, board and accommodation in single en suite rooms.

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Parenting as Church Leaders Days

We have created a training day especially for the unique challenge of parenting for faith when you're a leader in the church too. 

We will also be running the Parenting as Church Leader Day as an online watch party either as four evening sessions (26 April, 5, 12 and 19 May) or as a daytime event (19 June, 9.30am - 2.30pm).

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Facebook Live Events

For parents and carers

Our monthly free event for parents and carers is called Bedtime Drinks and happens on the teenth Monday of the month at 8.00 pm (under 5s), 8.30 pm (5-11s) and 9pm (11+).

Our next event is:

  • 20 Jan (a week later than usual): Helping them fail well
  • 17 Feb: Boyfriends and girlfriends
  • 16 Mar: Making space for doubt

You can also join our Parents and Carers Facebook group to carry on the conversation, ask questions and share ideas.

For children's, youth and family leaders

Our monthly free events for children's youth and family leaders is called Lunch with Rachel and happens on the teenth Wednesday of the month at 1.00 pm. Bring your questions and watch live from our Children's, Youth and Family Leaders Facebook Group.

Our next events are:

  • 19 Feb: Girls vs boys
  • 18 Mar: Making space for doubt

You can view the videos of all our previous Facebook Live Events on our Facebook page.

Other Events

  • 13 Jan: Worship Leader Training, Gateway Church, Leeds
  • 25 Jan: Children's, Youth and Family Work Training Day, St Andrew's ,Oxford
  • 24 Feb: Parenting as Church Leaders Day (Salvation Army), London
  • 7 Mar: Growing with God, Birmingham
  • 19 Mar: NPI Vision Lunch, Manchester
  • 23 - 25 March: St Padarn's MTh
  • 4 Apr: Significant Conference, Coventry
  • 6 May: Parenting as Church Leaders Day (Salvation Army), Peterborough
  • 19 May: Parenting as Church Leaders Day (Salvation Army), Droitwich
  • 17 Jun: Come and Worship, High Leigh Conference Centre
  • 17 Jun: Parenting for faith in under fives and Parenting for faith in teens, Bedford
  • 22 Jun: Parenting as Church Leaders Day (Salvation Army), Northern Ireland
  • 26 Jun: Curry and Conversation as part of Cherish Ed conference, Leeds
  • 26 Sep: Playtime Conference, Bristol
  • 2 Oct: Parenting as Church Leaders Day (Salvation Army), Inverness
  • 3 Oct: Children's Leaders Day, Scotland (TBC)